We coach high-performing, impact-seeking leaders to co-create a world in which work is healthy, fair, and inspiring.

Inspiring for all of us - in the Me, We, and World dimensions. So you can be the person your dogs or [future] grandkids already know you are.

Are you clear about the impact you seek, the legacy you want to leave behind? And what you’re doing toward those outcomes?

Are you clear about the impact you seek, the legacy you want to leave behind? 

Are you intentionally working to achieve those outcomes? When we’re connected to the impact we want to have 
– our why, or purpose – 
we’re more motivated, creative, energetic, resilient, and collaborative.

Having a clear understanding of the impact we want to have on the people, organizations, and communities around us drives success and profitability. 

That purposeful-ness unlocks our full potential.

It also increases the likelihood that we’ll have the social and environmental impact we want to have, toward our desired legacy.

When we lead and live with purpose, 
we move beyond our doubts and fears and take action that transforms our lives, our companies, and even the world!​

But how to fit purpose into an already over-committed schedule?  

That's where Nell comes in.

Hi, I’m Nell, and I started 3D Performance to help leaders like you with exactly that challenge of integrating purpose into your work – and life. I see a world in which work is a source of dignity and fulfillment for us all.

Toward that vision, my purpose is to lovingly wrangle people, ideas, and horses to make work fairer, healthier, and more inspiring. In line with that purpose, I coach, guide, facilitate, think, and write about leadership.

I have been intentional and lucky to have honed my craft of purposeful leadership on four continents. I studied leadership, adult learning, organizational behavior, innovation, and intercultural dialog at Harvard, Cambridge, Universita di Roma, and Columbia and London Business Schools.

I am a catalyst of learning, growth, and joy. For myself and others. I metabolize knowledge, experiences, and reflection, to co-create new thoughts, feelings, insights, and ways of being, doing, and leading.

My 3D approach is complex, inclusive, and integrative, underpinned by a deep faith in people’s goodness and our potential to build a brighter future. Finally, I thrive when sharing laughter with others – thanks to, not in spite of, the difficulty, heartbreak, and tragedy that are also always present.


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I coach high-performance leaders to have the impact they seek, in their work and lives. To grow purposefully. This growth happens in a variety of ways, including one-on-one coaching; mastermind groups within your workplace or outside; immersive retreats; facilitated workshops and speaking events; and independent study and reflection using my books and tools.

I’ve distilled my learnings from over 10,000 hours of work with hundreds of leaders into a book.


Going First: Your Invitation to Find the Courage to Lead Purposefully and Inspire Action is a call to action to CEOs, as well as other executives, investors, and aspiring leaders, who want to have more impact, build their businesses, and leave a legacy. The book provides frameworks, tools, and inspiring examples of ways to connect our work to a larger sense of purpose. It dispels the myths and misconceptions about this approach to work as a force for good, using academic research and practical experience.


— Anthea Kelsick, C-suite business leader driving impact through innovation; Previous CEO of B Lab/B Corp U.S. & Canada

Rethinking how we work and live, and why it matters, is an invaluable part of the challenging task of moving toward a more inclusive and sustainable economic system. We can all use Nell's powerfully simple framework to optimize the impact of all that we do, and how it benefits our teams, our businesses, society and the planet.

— Lorna Davis, Board Member, Seventh Generation, B Lab; Former CEO Danone North America

Nell has developed powerful and practical tools for purpose-driven leaders looking to be part of the shift to stakeholder capitalism. She shares these resources in Going First, giving CEOs and other leaders of teams the inspiration and guidance to go further in incorporating social, environmental and financial priorities into their business performance. Nell shows you how to evaluate your business with balance and perspective.

— Martin Whittaker, CEO, JUST Capital; Member, Forbes Finance Committee; 2020 NACD Directorship 100; Business Insider's 2020 List of 100 People Transforming Business.

Combining inspiring vision with pragmatic and actionable tools is not easy, but this is exactly what Going First manages to achieve. It should be viewed as essential guidance in the movement toward stakeholder capitalism.

— David Rabkin, Executive Vice President & GM, American Express

This approach to purpose at work is powerful. Nell made impact and purpose tangible, and linked them to our team's unique strengths and challenges. I was impressed and grateful for their ability to find a core insight that, when addressed, could lead to a better functioning and more highly engaged team. Their learning session approach is dynamic, research-based, and customized to really speak to our employees.

— Shannon Holloway, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Remedy Partners

I can't think of bigger, lower hanging fruit for engagement and retention than these workshops in terms of leveraging social impact to boost their productivity and show our leadership's investment in their well-being.

— EQUUS Client

My EQUUS experience with Nell was a catalyst for widening one’s aperture, thinking through things differently. Processing with the horses allowed me to get out of my head and into my feelings (which I have a very hard time with). My inner monologue quieted down (maybe a first) and created an opening for an entirely new type of emotional processing.

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