Your Spheres of Impact as a Purpose Driven Leader

The power in purpose driven leaders lies within the influence and impact we make. Impact creates a ripple effect that extends beyond ourselves and into our community, and the world. In my book, Going First, I created a dashboard to understand all of the inputs that can be made in order to live and lead purposefully. It took working with hundreds of leaders over the past 15 years and aligning their lives with the impact they desire to have in the world. 

After speaking with hundreds of leaders, I have yet to speak with someone whose daily inputs lie outside this diagram. The six spheres within this diagram are:

  1. Self– These are all the things we do in order to optimize our well being. Such as eating nutritious food, meditating, sleeping well, or socializing. These inputs are foundational to our impact as purposeful leaders. These inputs are strategic, intentional, and investments.
  1. Family & Friends– This can look like encouraging children to be adventurous and learn, cooking nutritious meals for your family, and emotionally supporting our friends/family. These inputs are direct impacts to developing strong, healthy, whole families. 
  1. Job– These entail the specific roles and tasks that you are compensated for doing. Inputs for impact in the job sphere might include having intentional detail, or going the extra mile. 
  1. Workspace– I separate this from the job sphere because the impact we can have within our role and tasks are separate from the impact we can have within our workplace environment. These inputs can be found in recruiting, mentoring, participation in meetings, and towards other coworkers. 
  1. Community– The community, whether local or geographical, can be impacted through mentoring, volunteering, or a simple act of kindness.
  1. Money– Money is a form of investment just like the other spheres of impact. There is an impact in what we buy, what you donate to, and what you invest in. None of which is based on a minimum net worth. There are always opportunities to align our money with our values no matter the amount. 

Aligning our impact and lives is simple but requires intentionality.

I would love to hear what spheres of impact most interest you and what inputs bring alignment into your life? Let me know below in the comments.