Our work takes the form of one-on-one coaching, group facilitation, speaking and advisory engagements, and immersive retreats.

We do this work in 3D.

We consider outcomes in the Me, We, and World dimensions, making choices that create win-win-wins:

More broadly, our work is three-dimensional in the sense that it is holistic, pragmatic, and integrative.

We also integrate old wisdom and new research and technology from across disciplines to imagine and implement the best possible, future-minded approaches to today’s varied and complex challenges facing leaders. Broadly speaking, we engage people, ideas, and nature as the inputs to guide our clients’ growth and impact.

Finally, we do this all using structured frameworks that make our insights actionable in a flexible, sustainable, and robust way. We use tools that have emerged (and continue to evolve) from decades of experience with hundreds of leaders, so that our clients can integrate their experience, data, and knowledge to experiment with solutions and track their progress to ensure the growth they seek, or pivot accordingly.

The dimensionality and these frameworks make our work complex, which is our secret to achieving powerful results for [impact-driven] leaders in today’s fast-changing and complex world. That said, it only works for leaders who are ready to invest time, attention, energy, and money in this journey.

We love meeting like-minded leaders who are serious about investing in their own, and/or their teams’, purposeful growth. So if you are intrigued by the 3D approach, please answer these 3 questions to determine if we might be a fit.



When a team – or an individual leader - has urgent, deep work to do, the most efficient and effective way forward is an immersive retreat. Integrating a customized blend of our tools, including the GC Index, the EQUUS experience, and our own proprietary tools and frameworks related to purposeful leadership, we address themes determined by your company’s or individual needs.

3D Retreats facilitate breakthrough learning through deep reflection, luxurious indulgence, honest contemplation, natural beauty, supportive challenge, and sheer joy. Because of the highly curated nature of retreats, share your interest and needs here, and we’ll set a time to discuss!

Speaking Engagements & Advisory Services

I speak to and advise leaders and founders who want to leave the world a slightly better place at the end of each day. And want to inspire and support their teams to do the same. My speaking engagements offer insights and wisdom, alongside concrete frameworks, activities, and practices. I prefer leading interactive sessions to keynotes, which I can do with groups of 1,000 or more as well as smaller leadership teams of 5-25.

As an advisor and Board Member, I use real life perspective from my experience in front line service, for-purpose business, and coaching. This approach provides the motivation, know-how, and inspiration for leadership teams to grow human, deeply purposeful, and sustainable organizations.


Coaching is a powerful tool to advance your growth and performance at any career stage. Perhaps you’re joining a leadership team for the first time, taking your company to the next stage of growth, or managing people for the first time. Any of these are good reasons to do the deep, individual work of transformational coaching.

My 3D approach best serves leaders who value analytical approach blended with natural wisdom and intuition to co-create organic, emergent strategies and tactics. My clients are also ready and willing to invest the resources (energy, time, money, and attention) required to achieve enhanced performance with 3D benefits through purposeful growth.

Group Facilitation

Only inclusive, trusting, innovative teams can deliver the solutions we need to today’s societal and business challenges. This team dynamic is also necessary to navigate the internal challenges facing organizations today. The Me dimension is an essential foundation for action, and the World dimension provides sustaining motivation and clarity. But purposeful leadership in the We dimension is where change happens, toward healthier, fairer, and more inspiring workplaces.

In light of this reality, I am proud to be a Partner in PurposeFused. We help leaders get clear about when they are at their best. By understanding how they have the most impact, we improve performance, well-being, engagement, and effectiveness for individuals and teams. Our global team creates and delivers remote, hybrid, and in-person programs to inspire performance and impact. Learn more here.


The GC Index

As an accredited GCologist, I integrate the powerful insights of The GC Index into many of my engagements. The GC Index is an Organimetric that liberates everyone to make a positive impact on the world. I use it with individuals and teams to better manage energy and improve engagement, collaboration, and performance.

Equine-Assisted Learning

As an EQUUS Faculty Apprentice, I offer sessions for individuals and groups in Greenwich, CT; Santa Fe, NM; and Umbria, Italy. (Or potentially a suitable horse facility near you.) These sessions generate powerful leadership and/or personal development for individuals, and culture change for groups. Learn more about how equine-assisted learning works here.

Going First Purpose Parties

I encourage Purpose Parties using my Going First Purpose Party Playbook, by hosting regular live events open to the public. I am also available to help host a Purpose Party at your company, book club, alumni chapter, or other group of seekers, whether by facilitating myself, or guiding you to host it like the Purpose Pro you can be!