Purposeful Leaders Know the Importance of Saying “No” 

Have you ever had difficulty saying no

It may not always feel easy, but, saying no is an important part of developing personal growth, leadership skills, and efficient time management. It empowers us to establish boundaries, prioritize our commitments, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

When we say no to tasks or responsibilities that don’t align with our goals or are simply too much to get done well, we focus our energy and resources on what truly matters. I am passionate about seeing people become purposeful leaders in a 3 dimensional way- within ourselves, at work, and in our community. 

Saying no was something I had to personally learn while completing my MBA, working full time, and traveling 10-15 thousand miles a month, as well as maintaining a marriage. I knew within the first month of school that I was not going to be able to handle every request. To say I had a FULL plate feels like an understatement! 

You might wonder what this looked like for me practically? I’m so glad you asked 🙂  Practically, this looked like communicating with my work leaders when certain requests were too much. This also looked like asking my classmates to distribute group work differently, based on each of our skills, timing of other commitments outside of class, and learning goals. Although this was a difficult thing to do at first, it was beautiful to see others receive tasks and opportunities they desired. 

So remember “no” is a powerful word and there is balance and beauty that comes with it. What challenges or victories have you experienced around saying no? 

In what areas of your life can you see the importance of saying no? I would love to hear! 



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