Start your own Purpose Party Playgroup!

My favorite way that people have engaged with this content over the last decade-plus is in small, self-organized groups of colleagues, classmates, friends, family, or neighbors. Like a book group, but more action-oriented, your Purpose Party Playgroup can be a powerful forum to expand, deepen, and activate your learnings about Going First.

Being a purposeful leader is a team sport. And adults learn only when they practice and then reflect on the outcomes of that practice.

So putting this book down here would be tantamount to not having read it at all. Revisiting the reflection questions in this book, downloading and using the templates, or working through the Playbook are all great next steps.

But the best next step is to create or join a Playgroup. It’ll enhance your learning (Me), inspire and support others around you (We), and greatly increase the likelihood and reach of your desired impact (World).

And it’s as simple as wrangling a few other keen learners, and scheduling a first gathering when, where, and how you all are most comfortable. Here’s a free guide to get started.