Finding Purpose in Your Morning Routine

Did you know that each one of us has a unique biological orientation to time? Everyone operates differently, according to our chronotype, and this can show up in how you prefer your morning routine

As we know, some people enjoy being early risers and some certainly do not. What works for you may look different from someone else. There’s no shame in that! What if we took the shame out of what our morning routine looks like and embraced it? 

Your morning routine matters regardless of what time it starts! You were created to contribute in some unique way, and finding the habits and routines that allow you to do that matters! It matters in 3 dimensions: for you (me), for your community (we), and for the world! Now, what does this look like practically? 

Practical examples of what this might look like: 

For YOU: Morning nutrition, exercise, simple stretch, journal, plan, etc. 

For WE: Leading at work, telling a friend you appreciate them, contributing to the family by washing the dishes, encouraging a relative to take a risk, etc. 

For the WORLD: Picking up a piece of trash in public, calling out an example of bias, saying hello to your neighbor, donating to a cause that matters to you, etc. 

The question is what type of life do you want to live? We’re healthiest, happiest, and most effective when we’re in alignment with our needs, interests, and passions. Increasing that alignment can start with one realistic, fit-to-you step in your morning routine! 

If you were to implement ONE practical step into your morning routine tomorrow what would it be? 

Remember to be kind and realistic with yourself! 

I share more great insight and tips on the importance of your morning routine in this short video. Check it out and let me know what it inspires you to try!

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