Chapter-by-Chapter Reflection Questions

Use these worksheets to answer the questions at the end of each chapter. If you like this workbook, you would probably enjoy the Going First Purpose Party Playbook. But if you’re not quite ready to buy that, download these questions and see how you find the actual play of this thinking.

Down and Dirty Purpose Statement Worksheet

This document offers a simple way to draft or update a purpose statement so that you have some sense of what you’re working toward. It isn’t meant to replace a thorough purpose-identification process, which some people find to be extremely powerful at certain points in life.

Impact Dashboard Excel Worksheet

This includes all of the work I led you through on the Dashboard, from the initial Baseline Assessment in chapter 7, through each of the spheres in part 3, and to a final review and prioritization of goals.

Monthly / Quarterly Review Template

This document provides a starting place - intended to be customized for you - for the monthly and/or quarterly reviews of your Dashboard that will keep you on track, having the impact you seek.

Annual Planning Template

This document guides you through reviewing the outcomes you’ve had in the Me, We, and World dimensions in the past year and reflecting on what change you want to contribute to in the year to come. It’s flexible; it can be used on your birthday, Lunar New Year, January 1st, or wherever else you choose to look back and forward.

Weekly Purposeful Habit Tracker

This is the Excel sheet I use to compile my daily habit tracking with weekly reflections on how I’m doing in various spheres, capture quantitative metrics for the week, and add qualitative data to.

If you enjoyed Going First, you will love the Playbook!