Our approach is simple: we guide leaders to be the people their dogs (or grandkids) think they are! To co-create a world in which work is healthy, fair, and inspiring.

The frameworks we’ve developed are also simple – we’ve taken the time required to boil it down to the essentials, so you can adopt these tools for yourself, integrate them into your life for continuous improvement toward the impact you seek, and use them with the people you lead.

Valuing this purposeful simplicity of our work, we also embrace the complexity of your reality. We know that there are myriad factors affecting each decision, and each of those decisions has myriad ripples of impact.

We are 3D Performance, because we work in the Me, We, and World dimensions, engaging with individual leaders; teams, organizations, and communities; and in the broader lens of social change.

3D was founded in 2022, in recognition and celebration of the threshold moment that we are living through: 

And this enables the paradigm shifts we need, but to achieve that transformation, we each need rest, care, guidance, allies, and new tools.

Those ingredients of transformation are the resources that 3D endeavors to create and offer. They come in free, public, and private varieties, all with the common vision of work as a dignified, fulfilling, and essential part of our lives.

Specifically, our work takes the form of one-on-one coaching, group facilitation, speaking and advisory engagements, and immersive retreats.

Our partners and clients value:


the urgency and responsibility of doing our part to address global challenges;


the critical nature of investing in becoming our whole, unique selves;


the need for inclusive, trusting, innovative teams to deliver solutions.

In terms of how we do our work, simply: we walk the talk. Technically: 3D Performance is registered as a Benefit Corporation in Connecticut, which means that we are legally accountable to create social and/or environmental benefit. We file a report about that benefit each year.

We’re also a Pending B Corp (as Inspiring Cowgirl, PBC – 3D Performance is our DBA name), and will apply for full certification when we’re eligible (October 2023).


Yes, And

Yes, And

We know that almost everything in this world exists along a spectrum. Very little is black and white, yes or no, binary.



The moment we’re living in requires courage to Go First. To do things differently than they have been done before. Differently than we were taught to do, or rewarded for doing. We have to have courage to be our whole, unique selves if we are going to be



Our flavor of courage is the kind that comes from the heart. And so our highest value is Love, for ourselves, for our teams and communities, and for this incredible universe we inhabit. We recall that love is a verb. It exists in the mundane - and grand - actions of our every day lives.



Growth is our ultimate pursuit. As we recognize there are no binaries, lean into the courage to change, love ourselves in our imperfection along the way, finally we learn and become more deeply our true and best selves. We value growth in the individual (Me), organizational (We), and societal (World) dimensions.


"Nell was a great coach and mentor and it was a joy to work with her. She has a very artful way of helping us dig deeper and go further through questions, thought, and observations. Action planning provided clarity and a path for accountability."
Coaching client
Fortune 500 CPG company

Hi! I'm Nell, founder of 3D Performance and also known as the Inspiring Cowgirl.

I see a world in which work is a source of dignity and fulfillment for all of us.

Toward that end, my purpose is to lovingly wrangle people, ideas, and horses to make work fairer, healthier, and more inspiring. To achieve that purpose, I coach, guide, facilitate, think, and write about leadership.

I have been intentional and lucky to have honed my craft of purposeful leadership with people on four continents, across sectors, industries, ages, races, genders, and backgrounds. I studied leadership, adult learning, organizational behavior, innovation, and intercultural dialog at Harvard, Cambridge, Universita di Roma, and Columbia and London Business Schools. Now, I also study horse and dog culture, as well as horseback riding, cooking, travel, relationships, and golf, in more casual settings.

I am a catalyst of learning, growth, and joy. For myself and others. I metabolize knowledge, experiences, and reflection, to co-create new thoughts, feelings, insights, and ways of being, doing, and leading.

My 3D approach is complex, inclusive, and integrative, underpinned by a deep faith in people’s goodness and the possibility of a brighter future. Finally, I thrive when laughing and bring laughter to others, thanks to, not in spite of, the difficulty, heartbreak, and tragedy that are also always present.